What is LEDRollout?

LED products are the way forward in lighting. With a lower energy consumption, and longer life than the previous options in lighting they massively reduce energy bills and have a much smaller carbon footprint. LEDRollout is our campaign to get everyone to make the change today. We are saving our customers thousands of pounds by switching them over to LED. 

How does it work?

Its really simple. We arrange an onsite visit with you. In this meeting we provide a detailed cost analysis and breakdown of how much changing to LED costs, the payback amount / time and ultimately how much  money you will save. If you are happy with this then we simply send out all the required LED products to you or provide a fitting service if you require it. 

Who is it for?

Put simply.. anyone with lights. So any size business, homeowner or educational establishment. We can save you money. 

Interested in making the change to LED today?

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Why should I change to LED?

They aren’t as expensive as they used to be

As demand has increased and the technology has improved the cost of LED lights has plummeted. LED lighting is now affordable for everyone.

They last longer ( lower maintenence costs )

Without a filament to break or burn out, LED light bulbs can last for over 50,000 hours without showing their age (that’s over eleven years at full brightness). This lifespan is twice that of typical fluorescent bulbs and twenty times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

They are more energy efficient ( lower electricity bills )

LED Lights don’t produce much heat which is where most lighting methods waste most energy . They generally use half the power to achieve the same brightness as other fluorescent methods of lighting.

Short & long term energy bill savings

Short term savings will be seen on your first energy bill after you have made the switch to LED lights. Your lighting portion of your bill should decrease by at least 50% immediately. Long term savings will be when you get those savings month after month for the extended lifespan of your new LED lights.

They are incredibly safe

LED light bulbs run cool, which means no burnt fingers or burnt down houses. They are extremely durable thanks to their solid-state construction, so there’s no broken glass to deal with, either. They also don’t contain mercury, like compact fluorescent bulbs do.


How much will LED save on your energy bill?


How long do LED lights last compared to their CFL equivalent?


How much will LED reduce your carbon footprint by?


The Process

How LEDRollout works from start to finish

Meeting / Discussion

We prefer to visit you onsite to discuss your  needs. But this can be done over the phone  if its more convenient.  



We review your current lighting and assess the best LED solution. This isn’t just simply a matter of swapping lights over. We have a huge range of products that will allow you to make the most of a space or area.

Cost Analysis / Payback

We work out your current energy expenditure compared to what it would be with our LED. This allows us to show you how much money you will be saving over the lifetime of the lights, and also how long the payback period will take.


We supply your solution. This can be a matter of simply delivering your lights to you to fit yourselves or we can provide an electrician if you prefer or its appropriate.


Once your all settled in with your new LED products we will review the solution to check that you are happy with everything and that we have delivered on our promise to save you money on your energy bills.

Expected energy savings per year

Home Owner
£ 240+ per year
24 Lights Replaced 2 Years Payback 50% Energy Reduction44% Carbon Reduction Improved Lighting Quality
Small Sized Shop Owner
£ 503+ per year
120 Lights Replaced 2 Years Payback 50% Energy Reduction44% Carbon Reduction Improved Lighting Quality
Medium Sized Shop Owner
£ 1000+ per year
120 Lights Replaced 2 Years Payback 50% Energy Reduction44% Carbon Reduction Improved Lighting Quality
Large Factory
£ 14,000+ per year
140 Highbay Lights Replaced0.7 Years Payback 50% Energy Reduction44% Carbon Reduction Improved Lighting Quality


“Lampshoponline made the whole process of switching to LED a straightforward painless venture.”

Pravish Patel

Case Studies

Case Study – One Stop Shop

Pravin Patel owns a One Stop in Leeds. We saved him over £503 per year on his energy bill by switching him to LED. With a 5 year guarantee on the lights we supplied he can expect to have an extra £2,516 in his pocket by the fifth year. What We Achieved Our site visit revealed that Pravin’s existing lighting was letting him down in key areas. The existing fluorescent tubes were having to be replaced nearly every year which was taking up valuable staff time. They were also very inefficient in comparison to LED lights and producing lower level...

11 November
Case Study – Gibsons Pharmacy

We were contacted by Viv Patel of Gibson’s Pharmacy who was looking to reduce his electricity costs. We saved him nearly £500 per year on his energy bill by  switching him to LED.  With a 5 year guarantee on the lights we supplied he will have paid back the cost of the install and have an extra £927 in his pocket. What We Achieved Following our site visit for a lighting survey we agreed to replace the existing 55w PL and 18w recessed modulars with our 5 year warranty Dual Colour Led Panels. Offering a 52% Saving on Electricity and...

11 November

Meet The Team

We are constantly finding out more about LED products and what we can do with them.

Pete Wiseman

Head of the LED changeover team.

Pete Wiseman Project Coordinator
Liam Doyle

Member of the LED changeover team.

Liam Doyle Assistant Project Coordinator
Matthew Beswick

Manager and Director of LampShopOnline

Matthew Beswick Manager
Christian J. Gibbs

Lead Web Developer of LEDRollout

Christian J. Gibbs Web Developer

Led Facts


“I cut my electricity bill in half by changing my lights to LED!”


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