Case Study – One Stop Shop


Pravin Patel owns a One Stop in Leeds. We saved him over £503 per year on his energy bill by switching him to LED. With a 5 year guarantee on the lights we supplied he can expect to have an extra £2,516 in his pocket by the fifth year.

What We Achieved

Our site visit revealed that Pravin’s existing lighting was letting him down in key areas. The existing fluorescent tubes were having to be replaced nearly every year which was taking up valuable staff time. They were also very inefficient in comparison to LED lights and producing lower level light levels.

So we advised that he replaced the existing 120 fluorescent tubes with 30 LED panels. Not only are these much more efficient and produce a higher quality even light but if / when they need replacing they simply swap out the whole unit as opposed to having to replace different tubes at different times. As the panels have an expected life of 11 years based on his usage this wont be for quite some time.

The results were really impressive. The quality of lighting has improved dramatically and Pravin has already noticed a massive difference in his energy bills. Saving him over £503 in his first year and a massive £5,536 over the lifetime of the lights.